Acupuncture for Pets is a referral-only service so we will need to get in touch with your vet. Please read the instructions below about how to get an appointment.

I can only see patients that have been referred to me by their veterinary surgeon.

This is to ensure that the condition is suitable for treatment with acupuncture and that I am aware of any other factors that may affect treatment. I use acupuncture as an additional treatment to conventional veterinary practice and medicines. It is therefore important for me to be working alongside your vet to help manage your pet’s condition.

In the UK, acupuncture on pets is deemed to be an act of veterinary surgery by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Unlike human acupuncture for which there is no legal requirement for any qualifications, veterinary acupuncture can only be carried out by a qualified veterinary surgeon.

In order to arrange an appointment please contact your vet and let them know you would like a referral.

They can then complete the referral form we provide and send it on to us or to a practice where I hold clinics.

You can let us know that you have asked your vet for a referral so if there are any delays we can contact your vet directly to obtain the necessary information and confirm they are happy with the referral.

Once we have all the information we will contact you to make the appointment.